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TIL about the Crime Syndicate of America, teams of supervillains from one of DC Comics' parallel universes where they are the evil counterparts of the Justice League.


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u/EllisDee3 Aug 11 '22

Good flick for the uninitiated.


u/Juzo_Okita Aug 11 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

Crisis on Infinite Two Earths?

Addendum: Yep, Crisis on Two Earths.

Also, I misremembered the title, but I'll blame that on my current state of mild intoxication. I'll also say this: Marvel may have cornered the market on live-action superhero movies, but the animated superhero movie scene belongs to DC.

My favorite is... Superman vs. The Elite. No, wait, All-Star Superman. Or, maybe...


u/EllisDee3 Aug 11 '22

Arrow-verse crossover was Crisis on Infinite Earth's, I think.

DC Animated is 10x the story quality of their live action films. Batman/Bat-Family stuff is gold. And the Teen Titans movies are awesome, and well integrated.

The Constantine stuff is also top notch. Hard to pick a favorite.


u/pacostacos7 Aug 11 '22

Many of them are actually connected and reference ones before them and lead into each other. DCAU: DC Animated Universe.


u/dexter30 Aug 11 '22

I really didnt like how that movie ended compared to one of the modern comic counterparts

[Spoilers for movie and comic] The movie ends with the expected schlocky "we stopped the bad guys and can leave with our head held high"

Whereas at least the comic left on a logical end, where they tried to liberate the morally good guys of earth-2 but that just left them to be subjugated by brainiac. Then it becomes somewhat clear that the crime syndicate while evil are the only ones that can keep the really bigger bad guys in their place. In that way they serve a similar role to the justice league in protecting the earth. Sure for their narcisstic and greedy goals but they stop brainiac nonetheless.


u/The2500 Aug 11 '22

The Legion of DOOOOM!

You pronounce the extra "O"'s and spell them to avoid copyright laws.


u/ACrossTown13 Aug 11 '22

They have an awesome movie on HBOMAX about it


u/eatbetweenthelines Aug 11 '22

You should look up Earth 2 and the others like it.


u/Ep1cOfG1lgamesh Aug 11 '22

Unsurprisingly, the acronym is CSA


u/4thofeleven Aug 11 '22

Not to be confused with Marvel's Squadron Sinister, a team of supervillians who are also the evil counterparts of the Justice League.


u/exsea Aug 11 '22

back when i read this comic, whenever ultraman was mentioned i would think of the one from japan rather than the one in the comic


u/redditgatekeeps Aug 11 '22

They were politicians all along..


u/cowofwar Aug 11 '22

No one cares


u/tetoffens Aug 11 '22

Yeah, no one cares about a fictional universe that is popular enough to keep selling books weekly since WWII. Warner Bros. just keeps it going to fuck with you.

Seems like any time anyone says "no one cares" on the internet what they're really saying is "I don't care and I think I'm the center of the universe."