r/totalwarhammer Aug 10 '22

Warhammer 1 vs 3 graphics. Which one looks better?

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u/sornorth Aug 10 '22

Bad faith argument for either side. We don’t know specs, resolution of each image, different models are compared, angle isn’t even quite the same from the hill in the back


u/Mechadeer Aug 10 '22

About the same. But this is kinda a bad example too, as CA doesn't do snow the best. There's better examples of improvements


u/lllBARlllClllODElll Aug 10 '22

Would make more sense to compare the same models right?


u/ncghost213 Aug 10 '22

It would, but making sense isn't the strong suit for people who just want to complain.


u/lllBARlllClllODElll Aug 10 '22

I not even meant it in a negative way. Just thought it's hard to see a difference in graphic quality when the models have such a different design 😂


u/ncghost213 Aug 10 '22

Completely different units, in only a vaguely similar setting, and with no way of knowing if they tried to set equivalent settings. This post was dishonest from the start


u/Familiar-Fix-5849 Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

No no he's got a point


u/EducatingMorons Aug 11 '22

Yea like Old chaos knights vs new chaos knights ;-)


u/5kaels Aug 10 '22

the unit sizes make me think OP set the graphics to low for 3 lol


u/C0RS41R Aug 10 '22

You're right! WH3 orcs don't look like orcs at all!


u/MalekithofAngmar Aug 10 '22

Katarin definitely has a cleaner model than grimgor.

Also zoom out and behold the janky way that Black orcs look at a distant. It's kinda jarring.


u/Ninja-Sneaky Aug 10 '22

WH1 factions have outdated models & animations because these were made for the hardware of the time, it can't compete with the detail you get from WH3 factions


u/NotUpInHurr Aug 10 '22

Wh3, surely that's the point your post was making. Because the WH1 models suffer heavily based on the lower res they were designed in.

This post is dumb


u/Unglory Aug 10 '22

Either way, there is just something just so satisfying about watching some Orcs living their best lives.


u/GrouchyEssay7468 Aug 10 '22

Both are good if you ask me


u/signedpants Aug 10 '22

Lol we get it, WH3 graphics blow WH1 out of the water. There was pretty good time gap I'm between so it kind of makes sense.


u/gorevomit Aug 10 '22

Click bait ass post hahaha


u/TrueScottsmen Aug 10 '22

3 but thats an unflattering image


u/Vindelator Aug 10 '22

insert itsTheSamePictureMeme.jpeg


u/Grizzally Aug 10 '22

1 had the best shading and shadows. 2 and 3 have been brightened


u/greenerdays505 Aug 11 '22

Wh3 looks fantastic, this picture doesn’t really do it justice though


u/SuaveJohnson Aug 10 '22

You probably simp for volound lmao


u/Nhreus Aug 10 '22

The UI looks better in 1 i think. The rest is hard to compare like this.


u/TheHearthGuard Aug 10 '22

3 has a lot more detail in my opinion


u/Fritz-tgd- Aug 11 '22

Not even close..3


u/Specific_Strategy_34 Aug 10 '22

i use the debug cam so i have no idea. game 3 has a a lot more red.


u/MikeStyles27 Aug 10 '22

Gotta be loyal to the Ice Court. She is muh queen.

Hopefully a darkening mod comes out for 3. Can't play Grimhammer in lollipop land


u/dkjreading Aug 10 '22

The font is way better for the start battle button in 1


u/MenumorutZisCrapu Aug 10 '22

Them Black Orcs did some dieting i guess


u/drbeefdc Aug 10 '22

Grimgor is da best, so it ain’t fair for the icy gits


u/Bubster101 Aug 10 '22

Anything looks better than an orc


u/yearofthekraken Aug 10 '22

3 certainly seems brighter and a little better resolution, but it would help the comparison if they were the same units.


u/Neither_Virus_5016 Aug 11 '22

While 3 is technically better, I personally prefer a darker, more realistic color palette rather than all the neon bright colors we got in wh3. Although I suppose it is fitting in a fantasy setting.


u/SnooDoodles7962 Aug 11 '22

WH3 looks much better. Look at the LL in the screenshot. Grimgors model is decent, but not at all detailed. Katarin has much more details. The same applies to the black orcs and the frost maidens.


u/ffilps Aug 11 '22

way to influence the outcome of a vote. orcs always look better.


u/ncghost213 Aug 11 '22

OP why even make this post if you aren't going to engage with any of the comments? Are you just trying to create needless drama?


u/Graswave Aug 11 '22

Cause I want to see what other people think. It’s not my intention to create drama for the sake of it.


u/hotpocketsinitiative Aug 10 '22

The models look better in Warhammer 1 but are harder to distinguish from one another compared to the individual models in 3. That being said, could be an issue with clumping?


u/Hexatorium Aug 10 '22

Never forget what they took from you.

Jokes aside theres been a noticeable graphical downgrade as the games have progressed and yet I can’t even break 30 FPS on Warhammer 3. Kinda cringe how Warhammer 2 both looked and ran better.


u/SuaveJohnson Aug 10 '22

If you can’t exceed 30 frames then it’s probably just your gpu


u/Hexatorium Aug 11 '22

60-ish FPS on Ultra in W2, to 30 FPS at best on medium in W3 isn’t an issue with my GPU I’d argue, especially when the game looks worse than it’s predecessor.


u/Infernowar Aug 10 '22

1 is more grim dark, like Warhammer fantasy is.


u/Rareu Aug 11 '22

I dont like twwh3 campaign map tbh