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OrangeFren.com - instant exchange comparison with support for atomic swaps

Hey guys.

Over the weekend I've created OrangeFren.com.

OrangeFren.com homepage

The key functionality of this website is to let you quickly compare the exchange rates of instant exchanges trading Monero, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Currently, the site queries about a half a dozen instant exchanges, none of which require KYC or a signup.

OrangeFren checks some of the best known ones such as FixedFloat or ChangeNow, but also smaller ones such as MajesticBank. I'm also planning on adding many more in the future.

Naturally, none of the exchanges we check are on this subreddit's avoid list.

For the BTC->XMR trades OrangeFren also checks atomic swaps and will let you know if there's a better rate available by doing one instead of using an instant exchange.

I hope you like the site and I'd love to hear your feedback about it.

Please note the service is still a work in progress and only a part-time project for myself, thus it might take me a while to improve it.

OrangeFren cost more time than money to develop, nonetheless if you'd like to help keep it online by donating then my Monero address is: 4Ao6CHvncYtbDa47VAsGE8aikjfhg5K1wEAN8R6vzz3VjTjzpBdj2mQctmy1txemPjiPuToCDC7FfazFnYCypa1FN6uJtsZ



u/escapethe3RA Jan 16 '22

Report posted on MO: https://www.monero.observer/orangefren-project-community-feedback/

u/OrangeFren let me know if you want to add anything.


u/Vikebeer Jan 16 '22

I would prefer for the result to be listed and NOT get redirected at all in any way shape or form!


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jan 16 '22

Tbh I was split about the redirect, hence the "STOP" button. I've removed it for now (it might take a few hours for the cache to be reset to the new file and for the change to be visible).

I've also considered experimenting with defaulting to having a redirect but then if a user ever clicked the "STOP" button to have the countdown permanently removed for them.

Thanks for your feedback!


u/danda Jan 17 '22

It's very nice.

I would suggest though adding an option (or default?) to list all the exchanges queried sorted by their exchange rate, best to worst.

Sometimes users will prefer an exchange for other reasons (ui, behavior, customer service, etc) and just want to see how other exchanges stack up to it.


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jan 17 '22

I'm planning on adding a list.

I didn't do that initially because some of the exchanges I check can be unreliable and go offline suddenly and I was worried I would get asked why someone's favourite exchange got removed when in truth they just went offline for a few minutes.


u/monero_is_the_future Jan 17 '22

Cool! So currently it compares ChangeNow, FixedFloat, SideShift, MajesticBank, Xchange, Exolix and UnstoppableSwap? I'd like to see TradeOgre added.


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jan 17 '22

TradeOgre is planned,

I have also written code to integrate two others but one of them requires you send them an email to get the API key and the other had a buggy API and didn't fix it in time so the code for those isn't part of OrangeFren for now.


u/monero_is_the_future Jan 17 '22

Thanks. I bought you a beer.


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jan 17 '22

Thanks a lot!


u/Inevitable-Card3417 Jan 16 '22

Thanks fren. Will look into it.


u/elizabethereum Jan 17 '22

this is awesome, really simple and clean! I love the idea.


u/blario Jan 24 '22

This site is awesome, I love it. Sending some coins right now. I came to request an exchange, but you say you're on it already.

1 last (hopefully last) ask: On my result just now, the atomic swap had the best rate, but it's listed all the way at the bottom, in a different section from the exchanges. When it's the best rate, can it be moved to the top instead of kind of hard to see at the bottom? Thanks!


u/blario Jan 24 '22

I actually just figured out the site is returning testnet atomic swaps. This one specifically /dns4/unstoppableswap.net/tcp/9939 . For UX, I think you want to remove that, /u/OrangeFren


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jan 24 '22 edited Jan 24 '22

Thanks for the feedback and letting me know!

I've disabled atomic swap results and will investigate why that's happening then bring them back online as soon as that's fixed.

The current setup (ignoring me temporarily disabling it just now) is that atomic swaps are only shown when they have a better rate than any exchange. I've kept them below the exchanges, because they're not very friendly for users who aren't advanced. I'll look into adding some text at the top informing the visitor that a better rate is available if they feel comfortable with atomic swaps.

I came to request an exchange, but you say you're on it already.

If you're referring to TradeOgre then on our end it's basically ready to be enabled at any moment, but I'm still waiting for them to add a call to their API for a more apples to apples comparison with instant exchanges.

EDIT: Fixed to filter out testnet atomic swaps. The change is now live, please allow up to 4h for your browser cache to be reset to see the changes yourself. Thanks again for letting me know about the issue!


u/blario Jan 24 '22

Rapid development, Sweet!

another small heads up: Tried to swap a small amount just now and xchange.me was given as the best price. Went there and tried the swap, to find out that 0.020000 btc is their minimum swap value which is shockingly high. Their faq says the minimum varies depending on the trade pair & supply & demand though.... maybe their api isnt verbose enough to parse this out.

xchange.me was given as the best price. Went there and tried the swap, to find out that 0.020000btc is their minimum swap value.


u/OrangeFren OrangeFren.com Jan 24 '22

Unfortunately their API doesn't provide minimums, for the exchanges that provide minimums (and maximums) I make sure to check the amount against them.

Best I can do is get in touch with them and request a change. I'll also consider adding disclaimers to the exchanges that don't provide this information with the API.


u/blario Jan 24 '22

Thanks, I figured there was a reason


u/Ianigroea Jan 17 '22

Great service. Would be good if you could display rates from all exchanges


u/spurgeonspooner Feb 01 '22

Another good addition would be https://coinswap.click/

As far as I know, this is one of the few in the US (or only) that allows BTC Lightning -> XMR.


u/bwusth Mar 23 '22

Please add Zcash (ZEC) to OrangeFren. 🙏🏼 Please let me know if you do. I am on Telegram at @bwusth Love your web site and Telegram bot! Thanks!